About Me

I have created this blog as an attempt to reach and educate people. I need other people and their stories to include in the book I am writing. I've set forth my story, hoping that it will resound with others who have gone to hell and back with a narcissist. Some of you have not yet made it out of hell, some of you may never make it back. It's a deeply traumatic experience and only the strong will survive.

I have not written a book before, although I have always wanted to. I needed a subject about which I am passionate. I found my subject; rather, it found me.

I'm working on developing some other efforts and businesses. My calendar project is in direct response to the disaster my Hero left me with. My plan is to develop this into a real business, with massive sales...... ;). At that point, I will call him and thank him for kicking me in the butt, inspiring me to start a business that catapulted me to riches...... ;)
Click here to go to the store. $9.95

Click here to go to the store. On sale at $4.95.

Check out: acutabovecalendars.com, Lake Tahoe scenic calendars, T-shirts, mugs, totes and woven blanket throws. The website is not fully completed, all products are not yet offered in the store, but I'm building the website myself in cracks of time.

If you need to build your own website, I can highly recommend homestead.com, where I was finally able to build the website I wanted. I had struggled with another website builder for a year, and got nowhere. I built this website in a weekend. I'm quite proud of myself and very happy to have found homestead.

Also, I just debuted a column in my local newspaper, a column on science and nature and life. See the columns, complete with pertinent links to bird songs and nature photos at:

Other websites: myquilt.net, where I market my memory quilts. Memory quilts are made from your old garments, your old baby clothes, the shirts or ties of a loved one who has passed on, or essentially anything made of fabric that you want to make into a cool blanket. These are not cheap but each one is crafted with impeccable care and incredible workmanship. I know, because I make it myself!

My original effort, that is still on-going: Stitches, masterful alterations and custom sewing.

Geez, I've been busy. Still not making any money though to hang onto my house, and work, work and more work. Yet each task is enjoyable, things could be worse.

Another, Toree's Dog Camp. Am I for real? I know, who could do all this? Well, I do. I can have as many as ten dogs in the summer. I'm hoping to take some time off in September. Please keep your fingers crossed--I really need a day off!

And finally, another blog which I have not yet had time to develop, but I will:
champion-of-the-underdog.blogspot.com where you will find tales of the down-trodden and hopefully eventually a forum for discussion on how to help those less fortunate.

If you are interested in participating in any of my efforts, please email me at: narcissismathome@gmail.com.