Explore Narcissism

An Incredible Resource

A link that I found invaluable is to a blog, written by a woman who was raised by narcissistic parents. It is an incredible work, filled with lots of information and colorful writing. You won't be bored! Her name is Anna Valerious and her blog address is:


I haven't explored the entire site but if you're hungry for information, this is a good place to start.

Here's another site, loaded with information and stories, put together by Donna Anderson:


A Self-Proclaimed Narcissist

I promised you a discussion on someone I find fascinating. His name is Sam Vaknin and he is a self-proclaimed narcissist. I haven't completely decided if that's just a marketing gimic, but he appears to be genuine.

Google him and you will get several hits (hence my suspicion of "gimicry" but I found some of his writings here, and I will let his words speak for themselves:

http://samvak.tripod.com/narcissist/ (and scroll down)

I first came across him in a book I'm still reading, "When your Perfect Partner goes Perfectly Wrong", by Mary Jo Fay. Eventually I will put together a book list on this blog, but I'll throw this out here for now.

I'm really enjoying this book, loaded with stories from others who have even sadder tales to tell than I. It also provides a list of "red flag behaviors", how to recognize a narcissist before you get involved with him.

There is a discussion on "loving or leaving" him.

I will analyse this book further, and others, when I have time and when I finish it!