Monday, March 24, 2014

How Time Flies!

Much of the work that happens on this blog takes place behind the scenes. I have hundreds of pages of correspondence with dozens, and approaching hundreds, of people who have experienced the exact same thing as I have, as all of you have.

It astonishes me that there are so many NPDs out there. It almost seems like an epidemic.

The correspondence is very sacred to me and I usually reply to everyone in a timely way. I'm trying to help people as much as I can. People who are in various stages of discovery from just realizing there is something wrong, to coming to the realization that the NPD with whom they are entangled CANNOT change, to people who are past it and have essentially erased the NPD from their life.

My intention is to organize this correspondence, edit it and post it on the blog so that everyone can benefit from the enormous insight that is found in these heart-wrenching letters.

But first, I must contact each person, obtain permission, edit out names and places and any other identifying information. It's a huge task and one I should have done from the very beginning.

I have learned so much from all of you who have responded and have many great ideas for the book. I have many efforts going on simultaneously and can only give so much to each one.

So, the project is not forgotten -- it's just going to take a long time....

In the meantime, keep the correspondence coming, or post to the blog so that your pain is not in vain.

Also, I really think that writing about your experience is beneficial to YOU. It helps you to make sense of what happened and it helps to be disgorging the information to people who KNOW what you have been through and can empathize, something we know our NPDs cannot do!


  1. Hi
    I just discovered your blog and hope you can give me strength and direction.
    I have been married for 14 years and it's been a roller coaster ride. My husband is not capable of being monogomous and yet I have stAyed to keep my family together. I gave up my career as a fashion editor for a big magazine and became a stay at home mom and always put my family first ,and yet he blames me for everything lacking in his life. . He is having an affair will a freshly divorced girl he secretly always had a crush on. It's tAking it's toll on me since I am trying to please him every which way but his mind is never with me. I am committed to do whatever it takes to keep my marriage and make my husband happy

    1. Ack, Tabatha, it will be hard for me to encourage you to stay with him but I will try.....

      I think it is possible to stay with an N if you resign yourself to the fact that you will always be a second-class citizen in your own home or worse, you will continually have to sacrifice yourself for his needs, he will do whatever he wants and you will not be allowed to say anything about it--no matter how unfair his behavior is, and I could go on.

      That said.... Some people are determined to stay with their Ns no matter what. So what you have to do is change the way YOU think. You can view his behavior as the product of a sick person and you will support him because he is not well.

      You can decide to understand that his unfair behavior is not a reflection of YOU, rather it is just the way he is.

      You can forget about sex, or take steps to protect yourself from whatever he may bring home.

      And above all, do not have regrets. Some day, probably when the kids are grown, you will leave him and start over. Try not to regret your years spent with him because..... I think we are taking away something from this experience of being with an N, something that is not perhaps readily apparent right now but we will reap the rewards some day from our sacrifice.

      Does that help? I think it would be better for you to start thinking about how you are going to get away from him, but if you are determined to stay, I've tried to supply you with a little bit of encouragement, a few tips to help you keep your sanity, while you forge ahead with someone who cannot change.

    2. Hi, I am so glad I came across your blog! It is extremely therapeutic to read about other women's experiences. Finally I am not alone and not crazy! I am currently breaking the rollercoaster cycle I have been on for almost 19 yrs! I almost feel a sense of Stockholm syndrom as I am afraid of what's out in the real world. I have lived in this world of mental illness for so long not knowing that my soon to be ex had narcissistic personality disorder. I am so relieved to know there is a name to all this madness and look forward to freeing myself from the depths of Hell I have been living in. I want so bad to tell his parents what their "perfect son" is diagnosed with but am not sure that is my place? This is all very sad and confusing for them and I was their so called favorite daughter in law. Any suggestions on revealing the diagnosis to mom and dad?

    3. Hi Anonymous....I do and that is I think you should try but I am going to bet they won't believe you. If they haven't figured out yet that their son has serious problems, they probably won't ever. In fact, they may be part of the problem.

      And sadly, this is VERY typical. The family is in denial and/or they helped create the beast in the first place.

      As an example, I was my husband's FOURTH wife. Each of his marriages ended in an explosion with the woman running screaming (figuratively). My Hero convinced his family (a large family) that all of us were crazy, we took all his money, squashed his dreams and made his life hell.

      Hello? After four disastrous marriages they don't have a clue? I actually tried to educate them. I wrote several members long and poignant letters, explaining the situation. I tried calling and leaving messages. NOT ONE of them offered me any support at all. In fact, I got his brother on the phone one day and was trying to tell him some stuff and he interrupted me with the bellow, "I DON"T CARE!!!"

      And they don't. Your husband's family may be different. Try approaching them gently. Try giving them general information about the disorder. Tell them you would like to remain a part of the family but you would like them to listen to you and believe you. It is the only hope for your husband, if EVERYONE unites and stands against him.

      I suspect they won't do it. In my husband's case, they have "clan" mentality and stick with their own kind, no matter what. Which is very wrong, in my opinion. If a person does wrong, you stand against him whether he is your son, your husband, your brother, your father, your wife. Period.

      So good luck. I think you should try. Just don't be disappointed if they don't believe you and begin to shun you. You have done what you have to do. You are saving yourself. Now you know it's not you and you can begin a new chapter in your life, as a stronger and deeper person.

      Let us know how it turns out!

  2. I just discovered this blog as well!!! i have been in an on and off relationship with a narcissist for 3 years - we just had a baby 7 months ago-and I cant keep doing this to myself or my child. I finally made the decision last night that im better off alone than being used by him (I.e. I pay for most bills and he doesn't ever help with chores) -im tired of feeling like crap when I used to be a badass-when he is around I feel like a ghost-and that I'm fading away..... how do I get out of this! I just made an appointment with a counselor but of course I'm scared of the repercussions he will throw at me when I finally break it off... any advice or know anyone who successfully left a narcissist when u have a baby together?

    1. I was married to a N for 7 years, I had 3 children with him. He does use the kids as pawns and it was a hard transition to get away from him. He still flares up drama in our lives from time to time just to remind me who's in control. Best thing is to not let him see you react. You can curse him in private but if he sees you react and that he's gotten to you then he knows he can feed off that and it will make him feel powerful. When I first left my N he didn't want anything to do with the kids. I should have taken that opportunity to keep my kids out of that for good, But I felt the kids needed their father so I pushed him to stay involved. If yours by some stroke of luck doesn't want anything to do with your baby take it as a blessing of freedom and run far away. You and your baby will be much happier in the long run.

      If you get stuck dealing with him the rest of your life, don't count on any child support and don't count on him being reasonable. If you get support count it as a bonus but never expect it to be a regular thing this way of thinking will ease a lot of stress. He may play games with the kids and you and try to convince everyone you are not a good mother so that he can look better. you must not feed into this behavior trust that others will make their judgements off how they see you mother and not off what he says. Make as little contact with him at all possible if he knows there is something in your life he can ruin he most likely will stay guarded in what you say to him and in what you believe when he speaks to you. I wish I could remember everything and every situation. I have now dealt with my Ex for 5 years and it's not always peaceful but I've learned these tactics do help make it bearable. And get a support system he will make you feel alone and like you're helpless against him.

    2. Thank you, Anonymous! That is very good advice for someone who is unfortunate to have had children with an N.

      My husband, the N, had children with his first wife (I was his fourth). He ran away and left her with no money, power shut off, little food in the house, about to be evicted... and she was actually lucky because he was out of their lives.

      His best friend stepped in and took care of his family. His story to me was that she was having an affair with him, and that's why he left. I was told both stories and I believed him!! Because I was so in love with him I couldn't believe he could be that despicable.

      I was to find out the hard way how foolish I was to believe him. That was just one of about 100 serious lies he told. We never had children, too old, I'm so grateful for that.

      If Hoops is lucky, he'll just leave her alone and fade away....

    3. I'm so happy I discovered this blog. I was drowning in my marriage. A counselor recently diagnosed by husband. Everything was left to me. I carried my family for many years why all he did was play victim. He manipulated every chance he could. He is an extremely selfish man. I have become extremely exhausted and fed up with the infidelity, lies and deceit. He runs to his family and plays victim all the time. I try to not to tarnish their opinion of him so I don't defend their claims against me. But you would think they have sense enough to realize that his claims are in accurate. I overheard him once at his dad's funeral up playing his profession to try and impress his family. I have reached the end of my rope.

    4. Hi Anonymous,

      Everything you just said is hauntingly familiar--drowning, his extreme selfishness, infidelity, lies, strutting to his family and they appear to believe him.....

      Ah yes, that is the experience of those of us unfortunate to marry one of these completely broken people.

      That is the key: He is completely broken, he will not get better, you cannot fix him, nothing you do will ever make any difference. He can't be helped. Period.

      The only thing you can do is get out. Or decide that you are going to change the way you view his behavior and understand that it will never be fair with him, you will carry the load of everything, he will continue to do as he pleases, including having sex outside the marriage, he will always blame you and I could go on.

      It's hell if you stay, it's extremely difficult to leave, depending on your circumstances but....once you get away from him, day by the day the sun shines a little brighter and you begin to feel human again.

      Only you can decide what to do. I feel your pain, sister.

      His family? Forget it. They will side with him. For some reason, they have turned a blind eye to what he really is. I think that was one of the most painful parts of life with him--his family completely turned their back on me. Each and every one of them.

      But you hold your head high. You are amazing to have endured. You are clever in seeking out information. And you shall conquer this hardship and emerge stronger on the other side. With or without him.............toree

  3. Hi Hoops,

    I'm hoping someone will chime in with advice for you. Your situation is very different from mine but I have heard from people in your situation so I will try....

    It depends on what type of N your boyfriend is. Some are happy to let you go so they can move on to someone "fresher". Others may be possessive or violent if you try to get him out of your life.

    It's much harder when you have a baby together. It's unlikely that he's really attached to the child as these people don't really love anyone, but he may enjoy using the baby as a pawn to keep you closer or to hurt you or punish you.

    You are smart to want to get away....I know from too much experience that they don't get any better, only worse and then much worse.

    Anyone have any advice for Hoops?

    Good luck, dear girl, and keep us posted. You are strong, we all are and you will get through this.

    And, make sure you get as much child support as you can wring out of him. You'll probably have to go through the child protective services agency of your state, very unlikely he will pay willingly but you deserve it and you will need it.

  4. I, too, married a narcissist. We have been in a relationship for ten years, married just one. The fact that I have found this blog says enough. It's been a recent discovery being able to name this personality disorder. I thought I was alone in my situation. I feel relieved knowing this is a mental condition. My husband is successful in his career. This is no doubt related to NPD. Our courtship was a whirlwind. But I've discovered this is typical. I am outspoken & strong willed. Hence, the reason I avoided marriage for so many years. It really boiled down to financial stability for myself and my children. My husband provides well for our family; private schools, foreign cars, designer bags, vacation homes, etc... I used to think he provided these things for us because of love. I, myself, have never cared much about labels. I just wanted to go grocery shopping without fear of over drafting my bank account. Recently, I'm thinking these items are just part of the package he wants presented to the world. Maybe I'm just a cog who fit the hole he was trying to fill. After several weeks of searching, I've (unprofessionally) diagnosed my husband as NPD. Lack of empathy, grandiose ideas of himself, etc.. Honestly, I'm just relieved that there are others out there. My own personality refuses to be permeated with poison. It's a defense mechanism I developed long ago. I'm able to go into my own "bubble". I maintain my hobbies & my friendships. This is paramount to my survival. I'm not ready to give up on my marriage, but wonder if my bubble will be my savior or downfall. It's no fun feeling lonely :/

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      It does help tremendously having a "diagnosis". It is difficult to get a "real" diagnosis but you know, that's what counts.

      It is possible to live your life with him and learn to adjust your thinking about what to expect from him and to make your own happiness.

      If he is a good provider (mine wasn't!!) and he likes to parade his family to the world to prove what a "great guy" he is, then go ahead and play along.

      It's lonely, yes, but you have children and I suspect a slew of hobbies and outside interests that will keep you sane.

      Gobble up all the information you can find about NPD. And know that you are definitely not alone!

  5. Hi guys,

    I ‘empathise’ with your experience of what most countries ‘deliberately’ lets out of the asylum, calling it ‘care in the community,’ in Britain, ‘without’ telling the community what they’re letting out.

    The big clue is, they let them out of the ‘lunatic’ asylum. They were in there because they behave in a manner which they have to ‘mask’ by conning you into thinking they’re ‘human,’ when you ‘can’t’ be human ‘and’ behave like an animal towards a human.

    Unfortunately, I’m limited to what I can say, as I may ‘inadvertently’ offend someone or the site~owner, so I’ll limit what I’d LOVE to tell you, to the anecdotal level, rather than the bigger picture and the ‘harrowing’ facts behind the increase in anti~human agents, hell~bent on what can only be described as evil.

    Suffice to say, my ‘contribution,’ out of ‘everything’ I could impart, will simply be 1 aspect for you to consider, I’ll ‘preface’ it with the following neuro~anatomical insight; The ‘ventral tegmental’ reward~center is what ‘they’ live for.

    I.e. Without sufficient function in the prefrontal~cortex or the frontal lobes, {often due to a disconnect along the uncinate fasciculus,} the under~developed ‘amygdala’ remains in as primitive a state as you’d find in a 9 month old baby. Which lies behind a hippocampus, which becomes atrophied over time, due to the narcissist ‘failing’ to use it as they ‘should.’ {I.e. The wind changes and they ‘stay’ that way.}

    Furthermore, as was discovered by the leading light on the subject, Erol, they have a ‘limited’ range of general memory cells, which produce your ‘ration’ of fate. They instead have a few ‘specific’ memory cells, which fail to ‘store’ any depth of emotion with ‘memory.’

    Furthermore, they have ‘no feeling’ in their body for ‘you’ and are ‘unguided’ by memories they recall, coldly, like pictures, where the emotional component is ‘scattered’ across the grey~matter they have little access to.

    All of which leads to it not maturing and instead the ‘superficial’ mutant, in human ‘form,’ matures into a ‘cerebral’ sex~offender, who idealises finding a willing ‘victim,’ for the ‘coward’ to then become a ‘somatic’ sex~offender, in it’s hellish and unenviable, onnanist fantasy~world.

    I could go on and on, but Erol’s the leading light on the subject and he’s got TONNES of comedy~videos about them and great posts. They’re HARD HITTING, so if you’re easily offended and ‘side’ with the ‘villains’ he selflessly profiles, then I wouldn’t recommend his sites.

    E.g. I know ‘I’ was offended the 1st time I read his deconstruction of feminism, I THANK him endlessly for that now, due to ‘why’ it was invented and promoted and the less spoken about ‘end result,’ which Erin Pizzey ‘exposes.’

    I’ll end with my humble ‘appreciation’ {something they’re ‘incapable’ of ‘meaning,’} of those who’ve survived or ‘overcome’ the existentially~envious vermin who targeted their life for an extended ‘smash and grab’ crime, against humanity, which they repeated ‘due’ to your HUMANITY, which they see as vulnerability.

    They see kindness as weakness and daftness, which they RELY on, as the imbecile see your ‘compassion’ as being your Achilles heel, when they’ve got an Achilles soul *!*

    For my further insights, feel free to check out my site:~

    For HARD HITTING insights, on the GLOBAL level and ‘intricate’ pathological level of the nefarious nit~wits, then here’s Erols’ site:~

    Here’s hoping Caroline’s site goes from strength to strength, as I ‘see’ she has the correct level of disdain for narcissistic psychopaths, as do many of her supporters. Suffice to say, ‘they’ ALWAYS know right from wrong. They’re sex~offenders.

    p.s. If you want to cut straight to the funnies, here’s Erol’s comedy channel:~


  6. Hi Cheryl!

    Awesome insight! When I have more time, I will delve more deeply into all the links you gave us. I did check out your blog but haven't had time to do it justice. of the main things I want to address is my book is the narcissist's BRAIN, which I am convinced is most definitely not "normal" and in dissection, will display abnormalities like that of any psychopath.

    There's no doubt in my mind, in fact, but I need to find proof, scientific proof.

    I've been begging my ex to donate his body to science so that his brain can be studied. Seriously! Alas, he ignores me.

    If I can ever get enough time to even begin to write (I work more than is humanly possible and have many, many irons in the fire), I will want to talk with you, because it seems you are well versed in the science behind my theories.

    Thank you for your contribution and we will be in touch! You are certainly outspoken!.....t:)

  7. Hi ,
    Funny I have found this blog , I think I have bit the na on the head. Been with my husband 13 years , 3 children I blame myself for where I am , should of needed 12 months into our relationship , but he somehow turned the charm and weaves his way back ! I no longer can deal with the disgusting language and insults , it's seems to be a viscous circle , but when things a re good there greAt , but at the moment their bad , insults infront of children I'm too scared to say anything , being called f$@ken c$@t and mole , it's humiliating :) I'm sad and sometimes I wish he would hit me and leave a mark so it would be easier to leave him ! I feel sorry for him he does not have many friends nor does he have a good relationship with his family , I don't want my chdren growing up thinking this is okay , I feel like I'm to blame and think maybe it is me , but I know what his doing is wrong but can't bring my head around it , financially we are fine I could do it on my own but I feel for my children and I don't want them to blame me for my family separating , they love their dad very much . Feeling sad :(

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Believe me, I understand. After one month, ONE month!!, I was considering an annulment but I didn't do it. I would have saved myself so much grief if I had. But I was SO in love with him and was confident that the power of my love would fix things.

      It's a very tough decision to leave your husband and only you can make it.

      One thing I know for sure is that he won't get better, he will only get worse. Eventually you probably will leave him and wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

      Some women stay until the children are older. You can talk adult language to your children and tell them that Daddy is not totally well, he loves us but he doesn't know how to show it, doesn't know how to behave properly. Stuff like that. Assure them that there is nothing wrong with them, or with you (even though you doubt yourself at times, we all do--it's HIM, not you!)

      You can do it either way, you are very strong in your mind, even though you waver at times, thinking you are doing something wrong.

      Hold your head high. You are amazing, we all are. It's weird, the women I talk to are really amazing! The strength, the character, the ability to hold it together....never fails to astonish me.

      You are not alone in your suffering and you will make the right decision and you will get through this.

    2. HI. after reading this blog a year ago, at least I had some in site of what I may be dealing with my spouse, He isolated me from the beginning, like stating " If you wanted to have friends you shouldn't of gotten married" few months after we wed.. I was a whirlwind romance, the only thing the matter with me was my last name..Living in a state with no family, just friends made me isolated, and he wouldn't let me work. I was 24/7 in his command.. well didn't take long for depression to set in. But after he had gotten all my retirement cds and a life insurance policy that he bullied me in to letting him have is when I knew I had been had. So in the course of a few years, a mutual friend became his lover. She has much money, My friends are back, thank you God, they never gave up on me, they knew something had to be the matter..His family that I love are not there, but a few has known about his infidelity for over 2 years. I hurt, but I know I will get better with time. At least I am out of the verbal abuse, trying to get me back wont take as much time as I thought. I can still laugh now..

    3. Hi year later! It's amazing how much you regain of yourself that you thought you had lost once the black cloud is gone from your life. You are not alone and I wish you continued success in your recovery from the dark place that is life with an N..............t:)

  8. Hi! I recently googled selfish spouse but it wasn't a fit until I came upon a narcissist website and I immediately could relate. I have been married for 15 years with a 7 yr old. I will never forget the night I found out I was pregnant when I told him he responded "so is this your way of keeping me around?" Wow! It never got better and now I am not even attracted to him. After giving birth all he talked about was his job and how he got me into a private room. When the hospital offered me a candlelit dinner for us he remarked" no offense but I don't like hospital food" so my newborn son and I had dinner together.
    Now 7 years later I go to all of my sons events by myself sometimes even family events. He constantly says how I am at fault, how he cleans so much better, how he is a great guitar player who is going to win a grammy. Mind you it has been 25 years and nothing has come of this. He blames me when I confront him about never doing anything with his music and says it was my fault and I should be behind him. He grooms himself constantly.
    I have not been interested in sex because it is always what he wants. He remarks at how inadequate I am at performing certain sexual acts then complains that he does not get enough sex. He said "No one as good looking as me walks around this sexually frustrated!"
    I pay for everything...all of the bills...He hates that he is dependent on me and lets me know it everyday. He is never appreciative of all the help I have given him. He just comments that one day he is going to make millions on his music.
    I can't take it...I am lonely, defeated, unappreciated, ridiculed and fet up. I believe I married a you think so!? I need help!

    1. Hi Deb,

      I still remember the excitement I felt when I discovered a "diagnosis" for my husband. I thought that now that I knew what was wrong with "us", I would be able to fix it.

      It didn't take long for the excitement to turn to despair as I learned, the hard way, there was no fixing anything. I tried to change the way I reacted to things he did, which helped.

      But ultimately he was destroying us in every way imaginable and luckily, he eventually ran off to escape the mess he had made with others besides me.

      Since you are supporting your rat, he will never run off, he will only get more bitter at what a failure he is and will take it out on you in worse and worse ways.

      Kick the bum out!!! OK, easier said than done and do be very careful as he may become dangerous if he knows he is about to lose his lifeline.

      You can continue as you are but things will not get better, they will only get worse. And I feel your pain! It's hard to let go, especially since you have so much invested in him.

      But, I know he will just continue to suck you dry of everything you've got. It seems hopeless now and you've been made to feel like you are lacking somehow but you are not!!! You are amazing in what you have accomplished by yourself.

      Don't forget that. You will find a way to disentangle yourself from him, one step at a time.

      And let us know how you are doing.........toree

  9. Thank you so much! Your words were so nice to hear! Very inspiring and insightful! My son thinks the world of his dad.... But what is reassuring is that I can survive without him and take care of my son and be self sufficient! That is what keeps me going... I have unlocked his mystery and now I have the key... He knows something is different but cannot place it... I like that! I don't know what move I will make. I am fortunate to have a move to make and for that I thank the heavens above and for people like you who are willing to help people like me!

    I am trying to focus inward on myself and my son (who always comes first) now that I know what I am dealing with... It is so unfortunate because he is missing out on so much joy!

  10. Hi Deb,

    It sounds like you are planning on staying with him, and there is nothing wrong with that. Now that you know what you are dealing with, you can change your expectations accordingly.

    And harden yourself against his criticisms.

    You can do this! Yes, your son thinks he is a king. At some point, I think, you will want to begin talking to him (gently, and without putting down your husband) about narcissistic personality disorder and what it means. Because eventually, your husband's faults may begin to impact your son and you will want to minimize that--explain it, help him cope with it, help him understand it--all without making your husband out to be the bad guy.

    Which he isn't, in a way. I am really becoming to believe that these guys are mentally ill. I'm certain there is something wrong in their brains which causes this toxic behavior. It's something innate--they can't even help it.

    And, the brain continues to deteriorate so that the behavior worsens as they age. That's my theory at this point. And I plan to do more research before writing the book.

    I salute you. I can tell that you can do this. You are strong and now you have knowledge. I don't doubt that he can tell there is a difference in the way you view him! Keep him on his toes!.............toree

    1. I now know what I am dealing with... My husband is a misogynist. Not sure where to go from here but I have listed all of the characteristic traits he does. Do any of these characteristics sound familiar?

       Extremely possessive, always wanting to know where you are; who you’re with.
       Obsessively jealous, even of your women friends.
       Can’t stand criticism; always on the defense.
       A product of a dysfunctional family.
       Had a poor relationship with his
      mother. He had an abusive or
      passive father.
       Has a distorted view of reality.
       Uncomfortable with feelings;
      contemptuous of other’s
       Has problems with authority
       If you share a secret with him it
      may be used against you.
       Threats of withdrawal if you don’t comply, “If you really loved me, you would...”
       Makes fun of you, calls you names and inflicts little digs; hostile humor.
       You feel awkward and incompetent
      around him; controlled.
       Embarrasses you in public or
      flatters you then cuts you down
      when alone.
       Is nasty behind the wheel and feels
      that others’ mistakes are directed
      toward him.
       Wants or demands undivided
      attention; you are to be available
      when he wants you.
       Cruelty may be directed toward
       Has a dual personality
       Has grandiose behavior; is cocky,
      controlling, self-centered.
       Is preoccupied with sex and is
      sexually controlling.
       Is competitive; must always win;
      his way or no way at all.
       he twists facts to
      make it look as if he were the
       Has extreme mood swings
       Takes no responsibility for anything; blames others/things/circumstances for his behavior.
       Is nice to others, but treats you badly; shows no respect.
       always borrowing, never pays back.
       Makes jokes and puts women
      down in front of you then ridicules
      you for being upset.
       Encourages pity from others;
      convinces you to feel sorry for him
      for all he’s had to endure.
       Constantly cuts down your family
      and friends; isolates you. You
      must account for your time.
       Very impatient and when he gets
      angry will destroy property; usually
       Overly sensitive and sulks when he
      doesn’t get his way.

  11. Please read "men who hate women and the women who love them" great book! Its helping me!

  12. Hello Toree
    Need to mention to the audience: its impossible to have a sustained relationship with a Narcissist because the relationship is with the illusion, The Hugo Ego, it is child like,and to the N the partner is just another 'toy' to play with for amusement, not mature it was never real, it was all a manipulative game, and to quote: 'You've changed' well, obviously, the partner realized what he really was...
    So glad I'm free and consider myself lucky after 4 years, it cost me financially and I could have lost my house.
    I was expected to become the 'revolving line of Credit'..
    So to all you N Victims, see the llight, run while you can, the N wont give a shit and you need to save youre sanity...
    Dont love them more to save them, save your dignity and run as fast as you can, they will have began to plan their next victim and be discarding you by now.
    You will recover, almost from when you leave, surround yourself with good people and feel the emotion, and repair your damaged self-esteem.
    And in the future you will thank the universe for one of the biggest learning experiences of your life.
    You will grow and change.
    I am narcissist free and look forward to a loving and prosperous future.
    Good Luck and Cheers Kaylene
    One day thank the universe for the biggest lessons you've learnt.

  13. Thank you, Kaylene. You said it perfectly!
    Here's another description of an NPD, which is also perfect:

  14. For the interest of others, here is a summary of my situaton, all of the 'hallmark' signs were displayed all the way through.
    Wanted money from me all the way through, his passion cost lots of money to maintain, (wont mention for reasons), always indicating 'I should pay for various itmes' with sporting passion,never appreciating what I, bought, made, supplied or contributed to passion, all behind the scenes, away from others these things were said. He was caught in teenage phase, not mature in lots of ways, hence the progresson of situation 'His Way'... he was sneaky, secretive, and a bit sly and almost paranoid at times.

    But ongoing is the Passion / Interest that I named!!!! Some consolation.
    Most hurtful has been lack of acknowledgment of my contribution to sharing his life, interest, and its 'like': Did it mean anything?
    There was no converstion ending, but have to say a lot of talk was had leading up to last day re: Parting, even indicated 1 month earler he had looked at Dating Websites!!!
    On last day he cockily hid behind the 'Voice' 2nd supply / shared passion (like they were 'together'), stated: They want to campaign a major race, and Yes to cost money (I would be Medico).
    That was the 'nail in the coffin' for me, and situation ended that day.
    Please beware the Classic Stages were displayed all the way through often overlapping when things 'Not his Way'.

    Stage 1
    Dan Juan / Pedastal

    Stage 2
    Exploit / DeValue

    Stage 3
    Hearless / Discard

    Then finally: Gutless all the way through and literally 'Sever' and become The Journey Man and move to next situation.

    These Processes were clearly displayed all the way through... Hindsight wonderful.
    On one occasion when I suggested he may have N, he quoted, 'Dont tell people anything, 'let them find out for themselves'.
    And that certainly does happen when one gets to know someone, a partner more so, as friends / acquaintances are not of the 'intimate circle'.
    The CoDependancy is well and truely recognised by myself, have fully analylised the situaion and my part and now understand the lessons I have learnt from this experience and thank the universe.
    These are hearltess men they are not wired the same and also they do not perspire..
    The Exploitaton is very subtle, do the sums early, and separate the heart from the head. Trust your feelings...
    You will already know your 'relationship' is Not Right that is why you are reading these blogs.
    Do yourself a favour, and leave, 'the stuff' will be sorted and you will begin to heal your damaged self esteem, this is crucial for your future well being.
    Will finish now and the blog above is mine as well.

  15. Interesting, Kaylene. One thing I'm picking out is "they do not perspire". Thinking back, he didn't really. Did you mean that in a literal or figurative way? Just curious. And others, please weigh in....

    Does your man sweat?

    I know an N can lie with complete innocence (could pass a lie detector test) because they believe their own lies. So you may mean, they lie without breaking a sweat.

  16. Literally.... I read in some literature a while ago stating this fact and explained the physiology of the body chemistry, I am aware of the fact of lying so innocently so as not to perspire.
    They dont raise body heat, and the cooling system is quelled.

  17. Hello Toree.
    May this helps some people...
    Hope all is well with you, things good for me, mostly the ‘letting go’ has occurred, but decided to submit this article to a Woman’s’ Mag.
    Some info has come from the Relationships Site.
    I feel these Words and terms need to be out there with meaning and understanding.
    Victim: Get to know these words and meanings; it may help to understand your role. Enabler / Empath.
    Words and Terms applicable to Ns: Debase, Exploit, Belittle, (Kiss Up / Kick down) constantly to ‘throw you off balance’ and keep you guessing, Brainwash, (Gaslighting) and Mirroring. The usual Pedastal, De-Value, Discard are well documented.
    Occurs all the way through until you ‘step back’, and become aware, when the mask slips. They have a ‘Fan Club’ around them, need constant admiration, being ‘alone’ is not an option for them.
    Narcissists are preoccupied with self-aggrandizement to hone public opinion of their image. They fantasize about and seek power, fame, status, or money, and are often envious of others who have an abundance of these resources. With grandiosity and arrogance, they demand that others treat them as special or superior.
    High-functioning narcissists present themselves well and are socially adept, because they work hard at creating a praiseworthy image. In casual relationships, they are likable.
    However, in intimate relationships, they frequently display envy, arrogance, and entitlement. They protect themselves from criticism, humiliation, and rejection by over-reacting with contempt or outrage. Underlying all these emotions is often a feeling of emptiness.
    Feeling entitled and lacking in empathy, narcissists tend to exploit others to serve their own needs. Focused on their own needs and frustrations, they become skilful at controlling and blaming others. As you can see, superiority and entitlement do not promote mutually-satisfying, long-term close relationships.
    To protect oneself from the emotional pendulum of the narcissist, it’s best not to make your self-worth dependent on one by perpetually trying to please the narcissist. While the charisma bestowed on you might feel irresistible at first, it could soon turn into punishing scorn and retaliation.
    Hold Back on’ Money Meshing’, they will paint a ‘lovely couple’ picture to: Save Money, join assets and ultimately pursue their needs, and you will ultimately be supplementing their life style, you will put way more in than they especially when you are ‘hooked’, that is when the real exploitation starts.
    And you will be feed breadcrumbs, to keep you around, until your source of supply stops.
    You cannot change a narcissist, as they rarely, if ever, believe they need to change. However, whether your husband / Partner is merely selfish or narcissistic, you need to take care of yourself to avoid being exploited and hurt. You can’t expect him to set the boundaries needed to protect you. Nor can you expect him to fulfil your needs and desires, unless it suits his goals for stardom.
    Generally you should not count on anyone fulfilling your deepest needs and taking care of you. However, it is definitely desirable to be with someone who is considerate, loving and thoughtful—traits, which the narcissist can temporarily fake, but cannot truly embody.
    From: Healthy relationships: Website and some of my own words.

  18. Glib / Glibness, add this word to the above, means: display fake emotion pretend to be interested in what is being said / done, insincerity.
    To display Glibness, eyes fixed / staring at you with bold / blank gaze.
    Body language emotion, we can all be capable of such but very prominant with the Ns, because they are really only interested in their own interests.
    Hope this helps.

  19. why do narcissists cheat so much. my partner has made three woman pregnant in four years and recently I found out he is taking part in swinging parties. im dec astated at my wits end. when I questioned him he said the women are liars and are trying to break us up.

  20. Hi Anonymous,

    Here's what I realized about my husband: He would have whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. He did not care how much it cost, nor who paid. Of course, the key here is....he does not pay, YOU do!

    They all have a "thing", whether it's money, or sex, or degradation of his partner.....

    Your partner has a thing for sex with other women. It's disgusting and there is nothing you can do about it. It's not because you are not sexy enough, or worthy enough, or pretty enough. It's all about HIS problem, and nothing to do with you.

    And when caught, he will ALWAYS lie and blame other people. ALWAYS!! Of course the other women are liars. In his troubled and dis-ordered mind.

    These are TERRIBLE life mates, terrible fathers, lovers, husbands, employees. He can't be fixed. The only thing you can do is get away from him. You can't help him, fix him, get him to see the light. It is hopeless. Run.

  21. So True
    Especially what you say about having. 'whatever', whenever, and the cost part.... So true, you pay he does not.... The Thing (Obsession) be it hobbie, other women, and or usually there OWN self interest, this occures when you are hooked!!!!
    Your partners passions was other women, dont lower your self esteem anymore....
    Its about Winning, and Captureing to the N.
    And you will be hiding the fact you have 'funded' their interests, ie: supporting their lifestyle...Until you realise what you are NOT getting back, see previous blogssss......Go NOW...
    Toree is right... RUN now girl.....